Define Self-Incrimination

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You incriminate yourself when you say or do something that proves you’re guilty of a crime. According to Australian common law, you cannot be forced into self-incrimination. The police and prosecutors must provide the incriminating proof when you’re charged with a crime.

Does Silent Mean Guilty?

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Recently, New South Wales passed a law that modifies their residents’ right to remain silent. They don’t have to answer the police’s questions, but if they present any evidence in court that they didn’t tell police about, their noncompliance with an investigation may be used as evidence against them.

Keep Social Media Clean

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During your trial, it’s best to stay silent on social media. Your posts are not as private as you think they are, and even if you don’t share incriminating content, police can construct a timeline from the metadata of your tweets and posts.

Be Discreet with Family

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Your mates don’t need to know about your trial, but your family might. Talk with your lawyer before you tell anyone else. Once you have his or her approval, speak with only your immediate family. And if they can’t keep a secret, keep the details of the case to yourself.

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